Kim Cattrall’s battle with insomnia

Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall has spoken about suffering from insomnia while starring in a play in London last year. She said that her condition was chronic and forced her to drop out of the play at the Royal Court Theatre in London. She said ‘I didn’t want to let down the audience, the theatre, playwright or the actors’ in an interview with a popular British magazine. The 59 year old described the condition as like a gorilla sitting on her chest and left her ‘in a void.’ The actress who took over the role from Cattrall, Noma Dumezweni, is playing Hermione in the new Harry Potter play which opens in London this evening.

Cattrall has starred in several plays since leaving her character of Samantha Jones behind in 2010 film sequel of the popular series. Kim’s announcement comes the day after the 18th anniversary of the hit HBO show. Even though the show ended over a decade ago in 2004, fans are still eagerly awaiting a third movie from the fabulous four New York girls. Though some feel that the show was very much of its time and can’t compete with the relevancy of shows like Girls in 2016.

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