Brad and Angelina in dispute over French home

They are both Hollywood superstars but it seems that in their relationship they can’t always get their own way. Tensions are said to be high between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt after disputes about where they are going to live in the future.

They may have been together for over ten years but it no seems that Brangelina are running into difficulties. If rumours are to be believed Angie wants to sell the mansion which the couple own in France, where the couple spend a lot of time, so that they can relocate to London so she can further her political career. A source close to the couple revealed ‘Angelina is ramping up her efforts in the political world.’ Though with money being no object to the couple one wonders why they can’t have both!

The Tomb Raider star has been working with a member of the British House of Lords, Arminka Helic, and it is said that the actress wants to work more closely with her political partner in the future. It is thought that Angelina herself would like to enter the British House of Lords and to do that she needs to be a citizen and pay taxes in the UK, prompting her desire to sell the French property and move to England.

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