Taylor Swift to sue Kanye West

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Kayne West might be one of the most famous people on the planet but that doesn’t mean he’s immune to criticism from fellow celebrities. The fall out comes after the rapper used wax figures resembling Taylor Swift and Chris Brown in his new music video. Other ‘celebs’ also featured include Donald Trump, Amber Rose and disgraced actor Bill Cosby.

But Taylor has not taken the news well. She is said to be furious after hearing that the song has a strong misogynistic message. Reports said that she was ‘mad as hell’ after the figure that resembled her was used in the video without her consent. But Kanye doesn’t seem to be taking her hard talk to seriously after her tweeted ‘can somebody sue me already #I’llwait.’ He later deleted the message from his social media platform.

The lyrics of the song include the phrase ‘I feel like me and Taylor Swift might still have sex, I made that b**ch famous.’ Given the explicit nature of the material, it’s easy to see why the star, who has recently started dating Tom Hiddleston, is so upset. A source has reported that her people have contacted his people requesting that she be removed from the lyrics and from the explicit video.

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