New Banksy artwork appears in the UK

A mural by street artist Banksy has appeared in Dover in the United Kingdom. It depicts an EU flagged which is being chipped away by a worker – a comment on the UK’s vote to leave the Europen Union. Representatives for Banksy have confirmed that it is one of his pieces. Reaction to the installation has been mixed with some criticising his work, stating that it is too obvious.

One user on social media wrote ‘I remember a time when Banksy was ‘on to subject’ before anyone else or at least part of the first liners. Unfortunately this time, he is about 10 months too late and the artwork is truly… well obvious and uninnovative.’ Another user was more positive suggesting that subtlety the piece is what makes it great. ‘The chiselling is cracking the whole thing up, very subtle, difficult to see cracks from a distance #amazingmetaphor #Banksy.’

Banksy is an anonymous artist from the United Kingdom who is well-known for his political street art which is famous around the world. Some of his most famous pieces include the kissing policemen in Brighton, an idyllic view through the wall separating Israel and Palestine a textual piece saying ‘if at first, you don’t succeed – call an airstrike.’

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