Guy Ritchie defends critics of David Beckham

Director Guy Ritchie has come out in defence of David Beckham after he was the subject of a backlash after appearing in his first movie. Beckham made his debut in King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword which was directed by Ritchie. However, speaking to TV show Good Morning Britain, Ritchie said that he thought Becks was a ‘talented actor.’

However, despite support from his friend, David admitted that he wouldn’t be launching a new career in Hollywood. Ritchie insisted that he did not choose David because of his fame but because he genuinely believed in him. In fact, he insisted that his children didn’t even know who he was. ‘My kids don’t know who he is! Before adding ‘He’s a talented actor, very confident on camera.’

Charlie Hunnam joked that he was worried about Becks being in the movie as he might not be the best-looking person in the film. He said ‘I said “listen pal, this is my movie and I want to be the most handsome man on screen.’ David spoke about how much he enjoyed being on the set and the community feels that all the actors have. ‘My role is pretty small in this and I had one or two lines. I’ve been around Guy’s movies before and it’s a great place to be. You kind of love that community feel.’

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