Jim Parsons marries long-term partner in NY wedding

Star of The Big Bang, Jim Parsons, married his longtime boyfriend at a lavish ceremony in New York at the weekend. Parsons said that his partner was ‘the best thing that ever happened’ to him. According to reports Jim and Todd Spiewak married in the Rainbow Rooms in Manhattan surrounded by friends and family. The comes as his character in the smash sitcom takes things to the next level with his on-screen love Amy.

Jim promised that there would be more pictures to come – sharing the news with his millions of fans on social media. Just months ago Jim shared a message on Instagram to celebrate the couple’s anniversary. He said ‘I met this guy (the one with the mic) 14 years ago today and it was the best thing that ever happened to me, no contest. One of his greatest gifts to me is that he no longer takes me to sing karaoke. Also, I believe this was a selfie with an actual camera, as our phones couldn’t do that back then hahaha!’

Speaking on the TV show The View back in 2015 Parsons said he wasn’t sure if he would get married. ‘I don’t know – I guess I kind of think so but there’s no date in the book or ring on the finger.’ He added that growing up in a world where gay marriage wasn’t a possibility made him question if it would ever happen for him.


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