Katy Perry reveals Hollywood crush on Ellen

Katy Perry appeared on Ellen and played a game of ‘would you rather’ which ended with shocking results. The pop star was quizzed about which men she fancied while chatting to Ellen on the show. The 32-year-old revealed that she was single after a brief fling with Orlando Bloom. Perry admitted that she had a liking for Harry Styles but he was eventually trumped when it came to a choice between him and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Katy was quick to point out that she wasn’t looking to steal anyone’s partner. ‘I think they all have girlfriends and baby mamas so I’m not coming for any of them! Katy also made a cheeky quip to Ellen, adding ‘What if I’ve actually kissed many of these people already?’

The I kissed a girl and I liked it singer admitted that she feels that she has come into her sexual prime since she has turned 30. ‘I love being a woman and I love you know a consensual interaction… there’s nothing wrong with that we’re all animals!’ The singer is making a comeback with a new album after taking some time away from the spotlight. ‘I did the Super Bowl and then I did a big tour for two years and I was tired I’m human, a human needed a rest so I took October to June off.’

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