Taylor Swift is getting serious with her new boyfriend

She is known for having a string of high-profile boyfriends like Harry Styles and Tom Hiddlestone but it seems that Taylor Swift has a new man on the block and the rumour is they might already be exclusive. The man in question is Joe Alwyn – with the pair already said to be getting serious, despite the fact that they have been dating for less than a month.

An insider told E News that the couple has spent a lot of time in Joe’s home country of England as well as in Taylor’s home town of Nashville. It is also said that while Taylor has been keeping her new relationship with her fans, her closest friends are aware of how close the two are. The insider told the website ‘The only people this has been a secret to is the media because of all of us—Taylor and Joe’s closest friends and their families—were aware they have been together for several months and have known each other for a long time.’

Gigi Hadid and Salena Gomez are said to have met Joe and are all said to be getting along well. Gomez and Swift are said to be in touch all the time. ‘They both seem to be pretty similar to their approach on their relationships this time around.’

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