Prince’s estate slams new show based on his music

Prince’s estate has slammed plans for a stage show called Purple Rain claiming that it is an attempt to deceive fans. The show, which was announced last week, is set to be produced by the same team who created the popular Michael Jackson musical Thriller Live show. The show has been billed as a ‘live music and dance celebration of Prince’ and will feature several of the singer’s hits including the eponymous song Purple Rain. However, those in control of the star’s estate have spoken out saying that they have not authorised the production to take place.

Troy Carter, one of the advisers overseeing Prince’s legacy said in a statement ‘Neither Prince’s family or the estate have given permission to use his name, likeness, or music catalogue for this event.’ He added ‘This is a blatant attempt to deceive fans into thinking they’re seeing a Purple Rain musical on the West End when it’s only a cover band playing Prince’s songs. We’re currently weighing our legal options and look forward to bringing the real Purple Rain to the stage in the near future.’

After announcing the tour the producers said it was a dream bringing the music of the late star to the stage. He went on to say ‘There will be so much for audiences to enjoy whether they’re fans of musical theatre, Prince, or both. Purple Rain is a fast-paced, music lover’s night out that will tease, surprise and excite audiences in the same way he did.’

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