RuPaul visits celebrity medium: ‘Your mum knew you were a star’

Ru Paul has had an emotional experience after TV medium, Tyler Henry, claimed to have contacted the star’s late mother. During an episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, Henry told RuPaul that his mother knew he was going to be a huge success when she passed away. Tyler said ‘She’s acknowledging that obviously since her passing she’s seen your achievements.’ He continued ‘When she passed, she knew you were a star and I want you to know that. She’s saying, ‘You’re my special…like you’re my baby boy.’ And the feeling is like that’s always going to be the case.’

RuPaul revealed that his mother was a huge believer in mediums and psychics and went to see one before he was born. Adding they correctly predicted the sex of her child. Tyler is famous for his many celebrity interviews and many stars have appeared on the show to discuss people they have lost. In the past, he has interviewed chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, Eva Longoria and Kris and Kardashian and her several daughters.

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