Shawn Mendes goes crazy for his fan art

Shawn Mendes has is loving a piece of fan art that one of his young admirers has made of him. If you’re not familiar with the concept of fan art it’s where people create a range of artistic pieces of various stars who they adore. This can range from a simple picture to an intricate sculpture or even something as left-wing as a life size cake.

Fan art is pretty common and there are loads of places on the internet where people can share examples of work which they have made in the likeness of their favourite actor, singer or reality star. What is a little unusual is a celebrity taking such a keen interest in it.

A Shawn Mended superfan posted a Tweet yesterday sharing the work which she had produced. She said ‘Probably my best drawing so far, I’ve worked really hard on it, and I’m happy with how it came out. Also, my neck hurts, it is 70cmx100cm big.’ Unusually, Mended seemed to agree with his adoring fan, instantly reporting the Tweet saying ‘Absolutely unbelievable. You’re amazing!

Check out the picture here:

This caused a flood of fans to share their work with the Canadian singer in the hope that they would also get their work recognised by the star. Elena thanked him for sharing her pretty incredible piece of work which when all said and done was a pretty fantastic piece of art!

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