R Kelly encourages women to touch him on stage amid accusations of cult continue

R Kelly has appeared on stage in Virginia Beach for the first time since allegations about his involvement in a cult came to public attention. The R&B singer has been accused of holding women against their will in a ‘cult like environment’ according to several reports which surfaced last week.

However, it seems that Kelly made no attempt to moderate his behavior in his latest stage appearance. According to those who attended the concert, he encouraged a woman in the front row to touch him when while he was kneeling down and took the phone of another female fan and proceeded to rub it on his crotch. He was also an hour and a half late on stage and only performed for under 30 minutes.

One fan spoke of their disappointment at the truncated performance on social media. ‘Lil upset it was shorter than normal tho he was only on stage 45 mins.’ Appearing to refer to the incidents involving the women, R Kelly published a tweet on Saturday saying ‘Last night in Virginia Beach the ladies were in the building…’

In the report that was initially published by Buzz Feed News, several mothers claimed that Kelly was holding young girls against their will. One of the girls in question gave an interview to TMZ where she insisted that she is ‘not being brainwashed and is in a ‘happy place’ in her life.

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