Carol McGiffin ‘I can still down two bottles a night’

Former Loose Women presenter Carol McGiffin has opened up about her drinking habits in a recent column. Writing in Best Magazine the 57-year-old admitted that she is still drinking a significant amount, despite recently recovering from breast cancer. ‘I’ve been drinking nearly as much as everyone thinks, and nearly every day.’

The star admitted that she can’t seem to stop, despite the fact that her hangovers are getting increasingly worse as she gets older. ‘Every time I get drunk, I say I’m never drinking again, but I always do. So I’ll just say I’m not going to drink any more. But I’m not going to drink any less, either.’ She went on to say that she can easily drink two bottles of wine a night after her and partner Mark have finished dinner. ‘Don’t get me wrong, I can still down two bottles a night. And that’s after dinner, especially on a hot night when my partner Mark and I are sitting outside!

Carol has been absent from TV screen for the past few years. She left Loose Women in 2013 and was diagnosed with cancer a year later. After getting the all clear herself, she then learned that her sister Tracy had been diagnosed with terminal cancer – she died in January this year.

McGiffin has spoken about her difficulties in coming to terms with her sister’s death. ‘I knew she was going to die, but I kind of hoped that it would be later… like, years away. Now, when I find myself saying the words, “My sister died last weekend,” it still doesn’t seem real. Perhaps because it hasn’t properly sunk in yet, or that I’m just not ready to believe it.’


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