Daniel Craig u-turns on decision to quit Bond

It has been reported that Daniel Craig has u-turned on his decision to quit the Bond franchise after director Sam Mended quit his involvement with the film. Craig had previously alluded that he would not be starring as Bond in the next installment. He added ‘I don’t give a f***. If I did another Bond movie, it would only be for the money.’

However, many papers are reporting that he will return for the 25th installment of the spy classic for his fifth incarnation as Bond. The reason for his change of heart is the departure of acclaimed director Sam Mendes. According to The Sun newspaper, the friendship between the pair quickly became strained. ‘Daniel and Sam were best buddies when they first started working together and you would constantly see them laughing and joking. But after filming had been going on for a while, things started to change.’

The source went on to say that the pair had great creative differences but neither would show their anger or dislike on set – remaining professional at all times. Craig has starred in four films to date, with Skyfall being the most lucrative and grossing over a billion dollars worldwide.

The next installment is rumored to be called Shatterhand with several new directors up for consideration to come on board after Mendes’ departure from the films.

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