Ricki Lake opens up about her husband’s suicide after he shot himself in February

TV presenter Ricki Lake has opened up about her husband’s suicide. She was appearing on the British chat show Loose Women when she spoke about Christian Evans’ death in February this year. She described the past few months as her ‘darkest days.’

The talk show host revealed to the ladies that she was actually in London to film a TV show when she got the news about her husband’s death. ‘I was in London when I got the news that my husband had committed suicide in the states. It’s very cathartic for me to be here.’

She admitted that she still can’t take off her wedding ring and feels like she is honouring his life by talking about mental health. ‘My darkest days have been these last seven months, I’m wearing his wedding ring and he would want me to go on and now my newest cause is talking about mental illness and suicide prevention. It’s really an honour to be here to honour him.’

Lake said her husband suffered from bipolar disorder but also encountered a range of, undisclosed issues before he took his own life with a gun. She admitted that she has no answers for what happened. ‘I don’t have the answers but going through this experience I have so much empathy and compassion for people suffering from mental illness.’


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