Rachel McAdams is the latest actress to accuse James Tobak of sexual assualt

Over the Los Angeles Times reported that over 38 women have accused James Tobak of sexual assault. Since the initial allegations were made, the reporter who published the claims that the number has risen to over 200. One of the women that have come forward is Rachel McAdams.

McAdams told Vanity Fair that after an audition for the film Harvard Man, Tobak took her phone number and invited her back to his hotel room. Despite the actress saying that she didn’t want to go, he apparently wouldn’t take no for an answer. She claimed he said ‘It has to be tonight. I am going out of town first thing tomorrow. This is our only chance.’

McAdams said that in the end, she agreed to make him – with horrifying results. ‘He had all of these books and magazines splayed out on the floor. He invited me to sit on the floor, which was a bit awkward. Pretty quickly the conversation turned quite sexual.’ The situation then got more serious when he told her he had been masturbating over her. He said ‘You know, I just have to tell you. I have masturbated countless times today thinking about you since we met at your audition.’

He continued to quiz her and asking her how far she was willing to go. She added that the events have haunted her for years. Despite being approached for a comment, Tobak has refused to answer any calls for a statement.


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