Wendy Williams opens up about her dramatic on-air collapse

Wendy Williams has opened up about her dramatic on-air collapse. The talk show host was presenting a Halloween special of her chat show when she overheated while wearing a Statue of Liberty costume.

Speaking on Good Morning America, Williams said she felt like she was on fire. ‘When we came back from the break, then I felt it. It felt like I was in the middle of a fire, starting down at my feet, going all the way up.’ She added that she was terrified that she was going to crack her skull when she fell. ‘I got very scared, ’cause it was a live show. I was more concerned with, when I fall, ‘Am I going to crack my skull?’

Willaims told the morning show that the crew thought she was joking until they saw her hot the floor at which point the studio audience went wild. She assured fans that she was fine after being checked out by a doctor who said the fainting episode was simply down to overheating in the costume under the hot studio lights.

She joked that she should ‘fall pretty’ since she was dressed in the majestic outfit because ’cause this will never happen again, and go down with the crown. So for people watching, when they saw me put my hand up, it’s ’cause I’m trying to make sure my crown is there.’


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