Brad Bufanda sent suicide letters to his friends and family

It has been revealed that Veronica Mars actor Brad Bufanda mailed letters to his family and friends before he committed suicide last week. The actor killed himself by jumping off a building in Los Angeles. His family and friends received the letters the day after his death.

The former child star was known for his roles in Felix Toombs and Veronica Mars. He also starred in Days of Our Lives, CSI: Miami and Malcolm in the Middle.

The actor’s management released a statement saying they were devastated by the actor’s death. ‘We are completely devastated for he was an extremely talented young actor and wonderful, caring human being.’ They added ‘He was reviving his career having just completed two movies and we are shocked and saddened by his passing. The family would appreciate privacy at this difficult time.’

Bufanda had posted several concerning messages on social media relating to his declining career and health problems. One particular post which concerned fans was a picture of the actor looking significantly underweight and claiming he wanted to get skinnier in order to play a cancer patient.

Alongside the picture, he said ‘I’m gonna get skinnier too… the machinist…..I wanna play a cancer patient or something similar so I can connect w the families who are dealing w health issues like my family.’

He also posted royalty check consisting of just a few dollars alongside the caption ‘F***Hollywood.’ Despite the fact that his career seemed to be on the up, the actor was clearly struggling and tragically took his life a few days ago.

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