Lewis Hamilton speks out about shocking attack on his team in Brazil

Lewis Hamilton has spoken out against the security practices of Formula One after members of his Mercedes team were held at gunpoint last night in Brazil. It has been reported that several shots were fired and one of them had a gun held to his head. While it has not been confirmed what was stolen from the team but reports from members of Mercedes have suggested that the criminals managed to get away with some ‘very valuable’ items.

Hamilton, the highest paid sports star in the UK, quickly took to social media to comment on the shocking events. ‘Some of my team were held up at gunpoint last night leaving the circuit here in Brazil. Guns shots fired, gun held at one’s head.’ He added ‘This is so upsetting to hear. Please say a prayer for my guys who are here as professionals today even if shaken.’

The Formula One star also said that this is a common occurrence in Brazil and that the organizers needed to boost security to ensure the safety of those taking part. However, the police in Sao Paolo has said that they have not received any reports of the event.

A spokesperson said Mercedes said that the vehicle was stopped when leaving the circuit. ‘A vehicle managed to make us stop. Some men accosted them and stole their belongings.’ He added that despite being a little-shaken everybody involved in the incident was fine. ‘I can only say that they were items which were very valuable for the team. The important thing is that nothing worst happened and everyone is well.’

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