Kim Kardashian ‘accidentally’ lets slip sex of baby number three!

Kim Kardashian has ‘accidentally’ revealed the sex of her third baby and it’s a girl! the reality TV star was appearing on  The Ellen DeGeneres Show when she made the apparent slip-up, much to the delight of the studio audience.

Kim also said that her other children find it difficult to understand because they are using a surrogate mother after her previous difficult pregnancies. ‘I don’t know if my son [Saint West] gets it yet. Especially since I don’t have the belly, it is a different experience.’ She joked that she was going to get somebody to dress up in a stalk costume and drop that baby off at the door to help the kids understand.

She was discussing a recent baby shower when she made the accidental slip up about the fact that their third child will be a baby girl. ‘People brought toys and gifts. She was opening them all up the next day and she said, ‘Mom, Baby Sister’s not here. I think I need all of her toys in my room. I’ll play with them and just make sure they’re OK for Baby Sister.’

After Ellen questioned her supposed mistake Kim came clean and confirmed the news that they are in fact expecting a baby girl. ‘Yes, it is. North is really excited about that.’ Kim said her and Kayne have not decided on a name yet but knowing the Kardashian family it is sure to be something eccentric.

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