TikTok Duet audio and sound guide

The US ban is in full swing but most likely no one will take away our TikTok. So it’s still worth investing in. The complexity of syncing duet sound stays and hasn’t been fixed or made easier. So read on if that’s also what you are struggling with.
Stuck with trying to do a tiktok duet ending up having no sound or screwed up audio? No need to stop here. There is acouple of things to keep in mind when you go for doing a tiktok duet when it comes to sound. After you fixed your tiktok duet no sound issues with this guide please also check out our latest collection of tiktok duet products here in order to boost your duets to the next level.

Tiktok duets are really the thing right now. Its ot only super funny if you found the right content and audio piece but also super easy to do, right? Right?.. no its not.In fact there are so many users claiming that they do have the following issue: While recording their own video together with the duet video they want to work with, it does look really good. It looks like you are recording yourself and your own sound on top of it. But here comes the plot twist: After the recording, all the sound that comes from your original video that you just recorded, is gone. Only the original video sound from the tiktok video you choose in order to do the duet is still there. So whats the deal with that?

TikTok Duets without sound

The problem with tiktok duet sound is widely spread and people have gone crazy over it. The most frustating thing is the folowing: There seems to be a privileged half of users who can do duets with sounds and another half which simply dont get the sound to work on their final duet videos. Question is: is it their fault or is it simply a mean move by the app?

Here is the answer: If you are in the first group (the ones that cannot record a tiktok duet with sound) it is NOT your fault. It seems to be a app bug and the best bet is to (1) Update your app and meanwhile (2) read on this article as we will give you the full guide on how to fix it to get Duets with sound again.

Getting Tiktok duets with sound again

After you updated your local tiktok app to the latest version (android and ios both need to update frequently) you need to go for a fresh restart of your device. So shut your mobile device down for about 20 seconds, then restart it and wait for the boot. After you are done open TikTok again. On the ForYou page look for video that you like to do a duet with.

TikTok Duet audio and sound guide - how to fix the no sound audio tiktok duet
No sound for tiktok duet? here is the fix

When you found the right video for you to do a tiktok duet with go on and make sure to LIKE the video to give credits to the creator. This will later also be a thing again when we write our caption because it is crucial to @mention the creator again there. After you liked the original Tiktok video that you want to duet with, click on “share” (that the third button on the very right side of every video below the like and comment icon). After pressing the share icon you will see “duet” on the very left side in the second row. The duet icon currently shows to faces overlapping each other. After tapping that one it will take a few seconds to process the video and turn it into a duet video.

Note: please note that videos have to be duet enables by the tiktok creator who originally posted the video. If thats the case, you wont have any issues from here.

Now that you are in your splitscreen setting and completed all the steps listed above you should see a small microphone to record your own sound simultaniously to the sound of the duet video you just chose. Record everything you want, finish the video and post it to your profile.
BONUS: add some viral hashtags and remember to give the original creator of the video credits for their video by @mentioning them in your caption as well. Also make sure you are using the best tiktok music you can whenever you post something to make the likelyhood of going viral as big as possible.

Now you are all set to do your TikTok duet videos with sound.

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