Kairi Cosentino (@Kairi): height, age and net worth of the Tiktok star

He came from nowhere and suddenly appeared. We have been digging a little deeper and found out some very valuable information about Kairi Cosentino. If you have been wondering how tall he actually is or how old he is then we definitely have to answer here for you. Additionally we found out what Kairi Cosentinos net worth is and we really recommend you to read on because this could be the full guide that you guys could follow if you want to become famous on Tiktok as well. He managed to build his account from scratch and now has a huge following. He is also very well known for his amazing soccer skills since he used to play soccer in New Jersey. Stay tune for this interesting Content peace about Kairi Cosentino.

Kairi Cosentino age: how old is Kairi Cosentino really?

In his videos on Tiktok he might seem a little young. But if you dig deeper he is very much among the average age of every Tiktok influencer right now. He is just 17 years old and we found out that she was one actually of the first ones who came to the platform even when it just was musically. his exact birthdate is 8 February. His year of birth then must be 2003 which makes him 17 years by now but it will only be three months more until he will reach the age of 18. Reaching the age of 18 is a big mile stone for Kairi Cosentino because that would enable him to feature many more content pieces in his TickTock channel. So stay tuned for future updates and if you didn’t do that already we definitely recommend you to follow his channel because his videos are hilarious.

The rise of @Kairi: over 2M followers in no time on Tiktok

The biggest secret about Kairi Cosentino is his massive growth of followers on Tiktok . We have been looking a little deeper into his numbers and we found out that he only needed two give himself a couple of months in order to get to 2 million follow us. He also managed to gather about 180 million likes already on his Tiktok channel. So how did he do that? We found out that his crazy lip-synching videos and the videos where is featuring a lot of friends are actually working the best for him.he also manages to be on trans very very early. We don’t really know how he does it but she is jumping on every new trend very early which makes his channel always very much at the cutting edge of time. He was born in New Jersey which means that he has access to a lot of stuff and he’s an all American boy. This is something that he also features in his videos. His friends facing videos are only one side of the medal. Also his videos that he is doing with Kairi Cosentinos younger sister Maiya are his best video prices. We see a bright future for him since he is playing the Tiktok game perfectly.

How tall is Kairi Cosentino?

His height as the one information that everyone is very interested in. We found out that he’s actually pretty small. You cannot really tell if you just look at his videos because mostly he reports his video from lower angle which makes him appear taller then he actually is. Our research shows that he is only 5 feet and 4 inches tall. This is pretty small. If you want this height in centimeters this translates to 1 m and 62 cm. But this site he is definitely one of the smaller Tiktok guys. But this is not keeping him from being famous and growing his channel in no time.

Kairi Cosentino net worth: how much does Kairi Cosentino earn?

That is a tricky question. I will research shows that there is no real evidence of how much he’s earning. But if you take into account what brands are willing to pay for TickTock in France us at the very moment and then combined this knowledge with the reach that he is having on his channels and in each video we estimate the following. The estimated net worth of him is US$350,000. We estimate that this is the approximate earnings that he might earn in one or two years using the social network and having good advertising partnerships. when further details get leaked to the public we will definitely update this Kairi Cosentino full guide, so make sure to check back from time to time.

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