Blesiv – age, height, real name and net worth

The tiktok star Blesiv is probably the top rising star we are featuring right now on celebninja. ut what is actually so special about @Blesiv and why is he havin so much cloud? We have been diggin a little deeper into his private life and found out some really interessing info which wed like to share with you.
Blesiv is (you might have guessed it already) not his real name, but we come to that part in a minute. His wooping 7.3M reach on Tiktok are amazing. His stunning looks and super funny videos make im super unique which is why we expect his account to grow even further in the future making him one of TikToks top US Influencers as we speak. Blesiv was born in Nevada and still lives there. We recently featured quiet a lot Influencers from NV so maybe this is his source of his creativity. But lets get into it. Lets talk about his real age, his hight, his real name and his networth. Stay tuned.

Blesiv height – how tall is the US Tiktok Star?

There has been a lot of flase info around how tall he is and rumors about blesiv being way smaller then he actually is. His real height is 5 feet and 7 inches, makin him an average size male influencer on tiktok. Since his ethnicity is Nicaragua this height is acutally above average. In the US of cause this looks queit different

Blesiv real name – its not @belsiv

He often makes fun of people actually thinking that his real name is blesiv. That of cause is not true. His real name is Alex or even more precisely Alex Guzman. He has the same name his Father is having. His mother is named Gala Rivas so maybe if Alex was to be an girl he would have been named after his mother as well. Lets see if he ever decided to have kids with his girlfriend Samantha if he will remain that tradition.

Blesiv net worth

Thats probably the most important question right? With over 7.3M followers.. how big is his networth? Well taking into account what the average sponsoring on tiktok actually brings and what other sources of revenue belsiv has (youtube and Instagram) his rough Net worth is 1.2 Million USD which is quiet a lot considering his age, but we come to that point in a second.

Belsiv Age – how old is Tiktok Star Blesiv

As we stated above he is already super successfull on tiktok ranging in the 1 million net worth hall of fame among other super successfull US based TikTok stars. Considering his failry young age of 20 years that is very impressive. Alex is born at 20th Oct in 2001. making him an average aged Tiktok star. what he achieved in that short lifetime is actually amazing. Stay tuned for future updates about Tiktoks US Superstar @blesiv.

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