Tiktok Users report 4.9 magnitude Oklahoma earthquake

Tiktok users are reporting a 4.9 magnitude earthquake this Friday morning in Oklahoma. Oklahoma and Kansas use us of the famous social network Tiktok as spreading videos of the earthquake which was happening this Friday morning rapidly across the social network. The earthquake in Oklahoma was just reported by the USGS 1 hour ago. Again Tiktok users are faster then regular news channels.

We found videos of the Tiktok community like this one by a user called @houseofamerie and she is reporting that she just woke up to the earthquake into the shaking that is happening right now in Oklahoma. It’s not surprising that news like that actually are getting spread across the social networks way faster than through the regular news. We keep you updated in this thread what is happening and how the whole thing is evolving. It gets us especially interesting when new footage and new videos come up on TickTock and Instagram like this one by @housepfamerie. If you want to see the video check out the link below.

https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeNg5nyY/ Celebninja keeps you guys up to date as usual about news according the Oklahoma earthquake and future videos popping up on Tiktok. So make sure to check back as often as possible to stay up to date.

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