CJ So Cool – full analysis: cjsocool__yt age, height, house, girlfriend and net worth

cjsocool__yt do you want to read something about CJ So Cool than you are at the right spot right here. We have the full analysis for you and if you have been searching for a place to find all the information in one place we have it here for you. Stay tuned for his age height house and special information about his girlfriend. We also have some spicy news about his net worth. Enjoy this guide to CJ So Cool.

CJ So Cool age – how old is CJ So Cool really?

There are several different information pieces floating around the Internet. We have found out that CJ So Cools real age is well-known across the country. Nevertheless there’s some false information about him. So if you want to know his real age then you need to read on. We have found out that he is born in March in 1989. Cj So Cools exact birthday is 29 March in 1989. This fact makes him 32 right now in 2021. With his age CJ So Cool is a fairly old social media influencer. This extra experience helps him to make even better and funnier videos and engage in connect with his audience. Also the fact that he has several kids which appear in his videos makes it even funnier. If you want to get to know more about them stay tuned.

CJ So Cool net worth: how rich is CJ So Cool?

CJ So Cools huge mansion in Las Vegas tends to show that he has a lot of money. You can also see in this video study is quite some nice stuff around the house. So if you are interested in real information about how rich he is you have to read on. We have been analyzing his followers on YouTube as well as his followers on Instagram and his rapidly growing Fanbase on Tiktok as well. We found out that CJ So Cool must have a net worth of around US$2.5 million. This number is pretty accurate because the average Fanbase of him stays the same and if you apply the average earnings that you have due to ads and influence our corporations you are most definitely come to US$2.5 million. You also have to consider that his girlfriend is quiet Ridge too. But let’s talk about her later on.

CJ So Cool house: how big is his house and what is it worth?

You probably have been seeing CJ So Cools house already. It is well known that in his early years he used to live in an Airbnb. But after he met royalty and he decided to move to a bigger house he found an amazing mention in Las Vegas. His house in Las Vegas is worth about US$3.5 million. And since Las Vegas is one of the most popular spots at the moment and it’s growing in popularity faster than most of other American cities the worth of his house will soon be even more than US$3.5 million. Maybe CJ So Cool is also a good real estate investor let’s see.

CJ So Cool Family: his girlfriend and their kids

If you have been wondering about CJ So Cools family then you have to read on. We have all the private information that you are searching for. We found out that his girlfriend Charlene Young is not only super cute and sexy but also very successful. She has a ton of fans and growing fast on Instagram. Their relationship seems to be perfect. She also often refers to him as the perfect husband. another interesting aspect is that both of them have five kids in total. His girlfriend brought three kids into the relationship already. Those three kids are from other men. Nevertheless they seem to be very happy family.

Gf: Charlene Young aka royalty johnson: 5 kids, 3 by another man

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