Queen Star Alien – real name, tiktok hype, filipino and her height

She is one of the most popular Filipina stars you can see on TikTok. The interesting thing about her is that she has already built up over 9.9 million followers in her short career. She is about to crack the 10 million mark. Apart from that, her videos have an average of 1.2 million views. Her content is mostly very funny. She makes dance videos, but also often videos where she just gets her wig pulled off. Apart from that, she has a lot of couple goals videos. She is a real multi-talent. Queen Star Alien not only has a lot of funny videos but also makes music. Her single Kawai has been viewed extremely often on YouTube. Her most interesting videos are fashion videos and reaction videos that are just extremely funny. This also explains why about 72% of her viewers are female. If you want to learn more about Queen Star, then you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy this guide about our new favorite Tikok and YouTube star: Queen Star.

Queen Star Aliens real Name and private Bio

If you’ve always wanted to meet Queen Star, your best chance is in California. She was born there 22 years ago. Her family immigrated from the Philippines. For this reason she is very connected to families. She makes a lot of content which suggests that she had a very good upbringing but also a very strict education. Her real name is largely a secret. Because the name Queen Star is of course only a stage name. But that’s not so bad because under this stage name she is already so well known that she herself can no longer walk unrecognized through the streets of California.

The Queen Star TikTok Hype is real – but why?

Why is there such a strong TikTok hype around Queen Star? This question is very easy to answer: Queen Star Alien is not only super cute but she also has a really funny sense of humor. Her videos are just plain funny. In fact, the majority of her 10 million fans are from the US. It is not surprising that the second largest part of her followers come from the Philippines, but it is very surprising that she also has a very large fan base in Brazil. A lot is known about her private life: she is together with Joshua Suarez. She also has a joint YouTube account with him and he appears in about 90% of her videos. The two are currently called the cutest couple in social media. We think that’s absolutely correct.

Queen Star Alien height – how tall is she really?

It is very interesting to know what Queen Star is actually like. Because there are many different information circulating on the Internet. But in fact it is known that Queen Star Alien is very small. She is only 5 feet and two inches short. This makes her one of the smallest Tik Tok and YouTube influencers currently on these social media platforms. But we also have to add that she is the most successful Filipina artist there is. Her 152 cm height is not a disadvantage. We say: keep it up Queen Star.

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