Asher Angel: age, height, girlfriend, net worth and his connection to Maisie Williams

Asher Angel is one of the top crossing teenage stars right now. We have been doing a deep digging on him and here are the results. If you have been interested in deep info about Asher Angel you are at the right place. We will tell you every detail about his age his height his net worth and his connection to Maisie Williams. We hope you enjoy this article and stay tune for future updates as well.

How old is Asher Angel? What’s his real age?

Since Asher is born in the US a a lot of information is public available about him. We have been doing our deep investigations on this young American actor and we found out that he actually there’s several Informations‘s floating around the Internet according his age. The real information is that he is by now exactly 18 years old. He was born in September 2002. He’s a real birthday is September 6, 2002. This makes him one of the younger but not the youngest member in the Tiktok family. But Asher Angel is also very well known for other stuff like movies and series where he appears regularly.

Asher Angel career – what are his biggest successes so far

Asher Angel is one of the most successful young Americans in 2021. The young actor was born in Phoenix Arizona in 2002 m day boo already in the film Jolene in the year 2008. Right now he is best known for his appearance in Shazam. his role in that famous movie was the one of billy batson. The second well known success of Asher Angel is his stunning starring in the TV series Andi Mack as Jonah Beck. We really appreciate his acting skills and celebninja gives a thumbs up for his upcoming productions.

Asher Angel height. How tall is Asher Angel?

Asher Angel is known for being not the tallest guy. But we have to read the facts so with all the different facts around the Internet it is hard to actually say which is the correct one. We have the real information for you. Asher Angel is 1 m and 75 cm US sizes this would be 5 feet and 10 inches. This makes him one of the smallest members in the teen age upcoming actor range at the moment. His lack in terms of height is nothing compared to how much energy he brings to the stage. So we think even though Asher Angel is not 2 m tall he is quite an amazing catch and a must watch for everyone who does not know him or didn’t follow him on Tiktok already.

What is Asher Angels net worth?

Considering the roads that he already played in his young life and the number of followers that he has on Instagram and Tiktok it is fairly easy to calculate a rough estimate and a clear estimate of his net worth. We have found out that if you look at how many fans he has his net worth should be around US$1 million. Considering the fact that Asher Angel also has been playing some amazing roles in the past and that advertise us are queuing for him, it is very likely that his net worth is around 1.5 million usd as we speak.

What is that thing between Asher Angel and Maisie Williams ?

That is one rather funny story. It does not have and connection to the two of them having a relationship. The only connection here is their looks: If you look at their faces closely you will find out that Ashers face looks exactly like Maisies face which is pretty impressive. Most people think that they actually have a relationship but that’s faults. The only real info here is that due to the fact that he really much looks like her makes it very funny because there are several Memes around Reddit.

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