F Murray Abraham remains optimistic about the future

Oscar winner and Homeland star, F Murray Abraham, has said that he is feeling optimistic about the future, despite being in London through the latest spate of terror attacks in the United Kingdom. Abraham, who plays the head of the CIA in hit series Homeland, is in London to star in The Mentor in the West End.

The actor said ‘It’s going to change and it’s going to get better’, before adding ‘I absolutely believe that.’ He said that there is a similar situation in New York and that you simply have to move on. ‘There’s so much crap happening, not only in the USA but also in London’ said the actor who is known for starring in films such as Star Trek as well as classical theatre such as Shakespeare.

Linking the recent events back to his play he said that ‘It’s time to pick yourself up and say get on with it, and that’s what this play deals with.’ The play deals with a young artist who is given a harsh critique from one of his superiors. Despite being known for a string of dark characters and villains the actor said that he is actually a very nice guy. ‘I always play these bad guys and I’m really a nice guy.’


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