Kate Beckinsale’s stalker arrested at comic-con event in Florida

It has been reported that a man who is stalking actress Kate Beckinsale was arrested at a comic-con event just hours before she was due to appear. Police records show that a 45-year-old man was arrested at the Tampa Bay event. A statement from the police read ‘Repp appears to have an irrational obsession with [Beckinsale] and has traveled across the country in an effort to harass her.’

According to police reports, the man harassed Beckinsale at an event back on 2o16 – it is said that he touched her back and also made comments about stabbing the actress. The Tampa Bay Times, who reported on the weekend’s events, said that the man in question also followed her to another event in Texas last year. The police report also stated ‘His actions have caused substantial emotional distress and caused her to fear for safety.’

Beckinsale did appear at the comic-con event in Tampa but she did delay her appearance by several hours. Fans reported that the actress appeared in great spirits, despite the terrifying events which occurred just hours earlier. Pictures of Kate looking relaxed and chatting to fans surfaced on social media.

Beckinsale is known for her roles in action movies like Total Recall, Van Helsing, and Underworld: Blood Wars. She had small parts on English television before landing her major breakthrough in Pearl Harbour in which she starred along Josh Harnett, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Garner.


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