Rumors suggest Price Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markel to be announced next week!

If rumors are to be believed, Prince Harry and Meghan Markel are set to announce their engagement next week. According to royal sources, Tuesday is the most likely date for the pair to confirm their engagement after a string of last-minute meetings which have taken place at Kensington Palace.

It has also been reported that the British Prime Minister cleared her diary for the announcement which was scheduled for last Thursday but it was pulled after the news was leaked to the press. A source told a newspaper ‘The fact Downing Street was involved is hugely significant. The word ‘imminent’ was used about the announcement.’

Another indicator of the engagement is that Miss Markel was spotted with Metropolitan Police’s Protection Command early last week, the first time she has been seen with British taxpayers protection. According to experts, this is a clear sign that she will be joining the family on an official basis. Bookmakers have also suspended bets leading to further speculation that the couple’s nuptials are impending.

It is unclear what Meghan’s role will be since she is currently an actress on the TV show Suits. Many have suggested that she will have to give up her acting career due to security reasons and to focus on royal life in the UK. It is suspected that they will marry in the spring or summer of next year.



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