Gay Times editor Josh Rivers suspended after antisemitic tweets

Gay Times magazine has suspended its editor, Josh Rivers, over a string of misogynistic, racist and antisemitic tweets. Rivers was appointed editor back in October and is the first BME individual to hold the post. However, over recent days, a string of tweets have come to light where the journalist made disparaging remarks about a number of individuals.

Tweets posted by Rivers include ‘I wonder if they cast that guy as ‘The Jew’ because of that fucking ridiculously larger honker of a nose’ and ‘I’m thankful for TFL & rising bus fares. Let’s keep homeless people on the streets & off our buses!’

In another message about a ‘chav’ Rivers said her child was ‘incested’ and called for a ‘whiney’ woman to ‘change her tampon.’ Gay Times has suspended the editor and released a statement saying it does not tolerate this kind of behavior from its staff. ‘Josh Rivers’ past tweets do not align with the values of Gay Times, or any of our employees, in any capacity.’ They added ‘Josh has been suspended with immediate effect while we investigate the facts. Appropriate action will be taken in due course.’

The magazine which was established in 1984 to give gay men a voice is one of the world’s top LGBTQ publications. Rivers has since posted a tweet apologizing for his comments in the past. He said ‘issues that prevented me from treating people with the respect and kindness I value so dearly now.’

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