Meghan Merkle’s family to crash wedding to Prince Harry!

One of Meghan Markle’s family members has claimed that they will crash the wedding if she is not invited to the wedding. The relative of the future Princess, who has only been identified as TJ Dooley, told a British newspaper ‘I’d probably come to the UK for the wedding – even if I’m not invited. I am thrilled.’

While the identity of the mystery relative has not been confirmed, it is suspected that it is the son of her half-brother who is called Tyler Dooley. This is not the only issue which has arisen for the bride to be in the days since Harry and Meghan announced their engagement.

Miss Merkle’s half-sister has revealed that her father will want to walk Meghan down the aisle. It is thought that he will be in attendance at the wedding though it has not been confirmed by the Palace if he will give her away. Meghan’s half-sister said ‘I’m sure he wants to walk her down the aisle. I know he wants to do it.’

Despite not yet speaking out about the engagement, Meghan’s sister confirmed that he is happy with the news. ‘He’s a shy guy now, he’s a quiet man, but he’ll speak when he feels it’s appropriate. He gave me permission to say how happy he is, but he’ll talk when he’s ready.’ It is understood that Harry spoke to both Meghan’s parents before asking the actress to marry him earlier this month.

Meghan’s brother Thomas has previously spoken out about how her bitch changed their father’s life. ‘When Meggie was born, Dad was a completely changed man. ‘Before then, Dad’s work took priority over everything but she became his whole world. She was her daddy’s princess’.’

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