3 Huge Reasons to AVOID Brawl Stars

Our Celebninja Crew is one of the very early adoperts of any Supercell Game. We started with Hay day and Clash of Clans in the early 2012s, went  to boom beach in 2013 (which was a waste as well) and ended up with Clash Royale in 2016 to date. Clash Royale is by the way THE game we would always recommend by all means, so dont get us wrong: this is not about Supercell, Its simply about the top Reasons to avoid Brawl Stars, their latest child, by all means.

  • 1. Its easy exploitable by PC emulator Users like Bluestacks

This is maybe the worst one. While Clash Royale is all about tactics and timing, Brawl Stars is about AIM. Aiming is and always will be easier using a Computer Mouse (early counterstrike guys will remember). This can be achieved by using an android emulator on your home computer and play brawl Stars on your Desktop. Players who do so – and there are lots of them out there – will have a massive advantage over regular players which really is not fair. What do you think?#

  • 2. Pay to Win – It costs a load of money to level and rank

Well its not really a suprise that pay to win games are ruling the appstore and google play stores of this world BUT a fair mix was always there. [the_ad id=”2334″] If we again compare Brawl Stars to CR then you quickly will notice that money will give you such an incredible advantage as all your Brawlers will get rediculously stronger with any level as in CR this effect can still be compensated with good tactics. Starting Brawl Stars with a fully powered up character like Bull or El Primo. Even with no skill this would allow you to climp the rank system super fast which makes this reason our top 2 of reasons to avoid Brawl Stars

  • 3. Matchmaking is one dimensional

Compared to other games Brawl Stars has lots of different game modes. Unfortunately these game modes are very one faced which means its pretty clear what kind of hero will be best in thet particular mode. Let me give you an example: in hopen map shootouts range heros will be better then mellee ones. Other modes like Heist Mode (where kills and deaths doent really matter) characters like Bull or el Primo will always be better which makes matchmaking very one dimensional [the_ad id=”2334″] This makes this the 3rd one on our list of reasons to avoid this game.

We really dont want to be negative here but starting to play Brawl Stars is a waste of time, money and nerves due to these reasons in our opinion.
Whats your opinion tho`?

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