@thatdudecancook aka sonny hurrell

Today we show you a video of the best cook on tik tok and we can see here he is already at the top with over three million followers. He has 17 years of cooking experience and can really show how easy cooking is.

thatdudecancook aka sonny hurrell has various challenges and For example, in this video he shows how he can cut a curve extremely quickly and extremely thinly, he really has very good skills and other videos show, for example, how he gives various cooking tips, for example how to cook the best salsa, and he also has various others skills he can, for example, show the best way to grill a steak or his videos about his merge that he has from his own shop are very popular, his video tutorials are really very good and he shows every time how cooking can be really easy, we think his channel is very good and his three million followers also find him very good the good thing is on tik tok you can upload any kind of video and this cool is really very entertaining.

https://youtu.be/aM415U1PAtU https://youtu.be/aM415U1PAtU here is our latest YouTube video of thatdudecancook. Oh and by the way: he is one possible personality of our which Tiktok star are you test. Make sure to check it out.

he is a real entertainer and we like to watch his videos so if you need different cooking ideas then you have to check out his video channel and he is not only active on tik tok but also on youtube and instagram But we have to say that his tik tok channel is by far the best channel so if you’ve always wanted to know how a good steak works or how you can make your salters here or how you can cook different recipes then you should watch these videos have a look because with 17 years of experience

he is by far the best cook he will find on you tube and also on tik tok watch the videos it is really worth a lot and if you like to cook then this channel is actually a must have for you if you watch the videos and think that he is also very good then you have to follow him on his tik tok

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