Mel Gomes – TikTok and Youtube star @mel…gomes age, height, boyfriend, origin

With a wopping 1,8M followers on tiktok and constantly growing to 2 million followers Mel Gomes is a Must Watch for our celebninja lenses. If you have been looking for some information around the fairly youg tiktok star, you came to the right place. Read on for more

Mel Gomes age – whats the real age of Mel Gomes?

Well her age is one of the best protected secrets as she is living in brazil and information rarely get shared as easily as in america. But here is the best bet you get: Mel Gomes started on tiktok and youtube a long time ago when she was barely 13 years old. Nowadays she is 15 years old but her birthday details are yet to get public.

Mel Gomes height – how tall is Mel Gomes?

Well thats a fair question. If you watch the videos of Mel Gomes closely and often you will notive that everytime she is around friends and family, she looks very small. But how small is Mel Gomes in reality? We did the deep digging for you and foud out that Mel Gomes is 5 feet and 2 inches small. With that height she is indeed one of the smallest tiktok and youtube stars we ever featuredon celebninja.

Does Mel Gomes have a boyfriend? Or is she single?

In her various videos people often specualte about her having an relationship with one of her friends. But what we know for sure so far is that Mel Gomes does not have a boyfriend yet. This means she is still single but that can change anytime soon since she is very pretty. Celebninja will keep this Mel Gomes updated of cause so make sure to check in every once in a while to see her relationship status.

Where is Mel Gomes from?

The big question about the origin or place of birth of Mel Gomes get asked a lot. Since she is talking portuguese all the time you might already get a hind of where she lives. If you than watch closely what happens in her videos especially when she is outside you might already guess where she is from. Mel Gomes lives in Brasil with here family. Brasil is also where she was born and where she produces most of her videos. If you want to get detailed information about where exactly she is living in brazil, you should check back here since we update this post about Mel Gomes regularly.

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