Justalilblue (aka Baloo) – what’s special about the Tiktok star: age, girlfriend, height

Justalilblue is really rising up right now. He is one of the most chased Tiktok stars and models of that social platform. His fame is mostly rooted in his very special personality. Also his nice videos and his extremely cute look makes him very unique. If you want to know some more facts about Justalilblue like his age whether he has a girlfriend or also his height then read on.

Justalilblue age

Justalilblue does not really gift that many facts about him on the Internet for free. But if you dig deeper and really watch a lot of his videos on Tiktok then you can find out a lot of interesting stuff about Justalilblue. So if you are interested in his age then we can confirm that he is 21 years old. This is also confirmed by several of the websites which have been interviewing the young Tiktok star. With the age of 21 he can legally drink and he is also one of the slightly older Tiktok stars that we normally feature.

Does Justalilblue have a girlfriend?

This is maybe the most important question. A lot of especially female followers are asking if Justalilblue has a girlfriend. We did the deep digging and we found out that despite his very cute looks and amazing smile he does not have a girlfriend yet. But as you all know he has a very huge fan following and a lot of female friends. This means that this circumstance can change very quick. We would not be surprised to see Justalilblue soon in a relationship with a girl or a boy. His personality is like a magnet so we see him having a relationship soon and we will update this threat of cause.

How tall is Justalilblue? What’s his height and his weight?

This is also one very interesting question. The information about him is not that clear if you look at the surface. But we found some very nice information about how tall he really is and what his height is. Also additionally we do have information about how much he actually waits. He is 5 feet and 10 inches tall and additionally we found out that he waits about 75 kg. This makes you slightly lean built but also some hole muscular

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