Tiktoks new rising star @iamjavierg aka Javier Gomez – about his dad, cheetos and age

@iamjavierg aka Javier Gomez can really be considered as one of the most rising stars right now on Tiktok . We have had a close look at his content and what his message is all about. He’s very active on Tiktok as well as Instagram and Twitter. So you can really say he knows the social media game. She is well known for videos with post Malone for example or other famous people that he often features in his videos. If you didn’t already have a look at his channels then we definitely recommend him because he’s funny and there are some really unsolved mysteries around him. For example the answer to the question if his dad is really the owner of Cheetos. If you’re interested in this information then hang on and read the full guide about Javier Gomez.

Where does Javier Gomez live and is his dad the owner of Cheetos?

OK let’s get right to it. The fact that Javier Gomez is able to manage to meet all these amazing people in his videos is very obviously due to his wealth. He features also a lot of content which you can really bring back to him being very wealthy. But what is his actual net worth and why is his family so rich? We found out that Javier Gomez’s dad actually is the owner of Cheetos the well-known chips brand. The real question right now is where does he live. We found out that his house is in California which makes a lot of sense to us because his videos are always sunny and he’s in a good mood whenever he’s posting new content. Javier Gomez sunny personality really sticks out and makes his videos unique. He gained up to 900,000 followers in a few month only. We are very confident that he will hit 1 million followers in no time.

What is Javier Gomez’s net worth?

Since his family is rich already it’s not that interesting anymore what is net worth really Is which is maybe the reason why there is very less information around the Internet. but given the fact that we have we found out that his net worth is between $300,000 and $500,000. Javier Gomez is earning this money from his social media activity and his approximate yearly earnings are around US$300,000. We think that this is actually a very good shot and given the fact that his family already owns a successful business we think that he has a nice life in California.

How tall and how old is Javier Gomez aka@iamjavierg?

Since Javier Gomez private life is not that public it is hard to find public information about him. But we managed to gather some nice information and we hope that you like it. We found out that he is around 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is pretty average for his age. The age is another factor that is not easy to find out because he is not speaking in public about it. Javier Gomez is between 15 and 19 years old even though he looks way younger. His TikTok and his Instagram channel are definitely worth a check out.

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