Charlie Heaton refused entry to the United States over cocaine possession

If you missed Charlie Heaton at last night’s premiere of Stranger Things, that’s because it has been reported that the star was denied entry to the United States over possession of cocaine. It is suggested that the British star was flying from London to LA when he was detained by border officials.

According to a source, sniffer dogs found the substance but the actor was not arrested. ‘He was not arrested. He was held at the airport for a while and then put back on a plane to London that night.’ The actor has not made any comment on his absence from the premiere and the other actors have not addressed the issue in their press interviews for the new season of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things is an Emmy award-winning series starring Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers and is set in 1983. When Byers’ son goes missing an investigation is launched into his disappearance leading to a range of curious discoveries of supernatural forces and secret government experiments.

After the huge success of the first series back in 2016, the second series was released on Netflix this week. After some initial scepticism about where the second series could take the story, critics have been largely positive about the second outing of the show so far.

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