The battle for Prince’s estate continues

The fallout regarding the division of Prince’s estate continues today after the pop superstar died unexpectedly aged 57 last month.

Prince’s half-brother, Alfred Jackson, made an appearance in court today in Minneapolis to prove to the authorities that he wasn’t in fact mentally ill. This comes after reports were made that the brother of the late star has gone missing and therefore should be left out of the division of the inheritance left behind by the Purple Rain singer.

As yet there is no sign of any will but the authorities are still hoping to find one. Prince’s brothers and sisters are all making a claim for the estate which has been left behind and it’s likely that their plight will be successful since the singer was divorced and had no children.

The total sum is not yet known. However, it is assumed to be in excess of $500 million. His Minneapolis home and studios are valued at around $27m, and this sum doesn’t take into account cash and other assets owned by the superstar.

Just weeks before his death Prince cancelled several appearances after it was reported that he had the flu. He was taken to hospital after his private jet had to make an emergency landing on a flight back to the singer’s hometown. He died two weeks later after being found unresponsive at his home.

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