Beiber in a brawl!

Roast of Justin Bieber

Justin Beiber has got himself into trouble once again. He was outside a hotel in Cleveland on Wednesday night when he got into a fight with a man who was much bigger than the popular singer. Apparently mystery man who the first to throw a punch before the pair then ended up on the floor where they continued the fight. The fight took place after Justin has been seen at the NBA finals which were taking place in the city and was captured on video and posted on Snapchat by a curious onlooker. Nobody knows the reason for the fight but as Justin was wearing a sports top it is thought it may have been due to the result of the match.

However, Beiber appeared to be defiant today as he posted a snap on his Instagram account looking injury free. The Sorry singer also added the caption ‘not a scratch on this pretty boy.’ The star, who has recently dyed his hair platinum blonde, posted a second picture where he was lying down on the bed with his shirt off looking fit and healthy. However, Justin seemed to regret his decision as he quickly took down the pictures soon after he had posted them.

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