Caitlyn Jenner reveals she and Kris knew OJ was going to kill Nicole Simpson

Caitlyn Jenner has revealed that Nicole Brown Simpson knew that OJ was going to kill her just days before she was killed. Jenner was giving an interview to The Kyle and Jackie O Show when she made the shock revelations. Caitlyn said that Nicole phoned his former wife Kris saying ‘He says he’s going to kill me and get away with it because he’s OJ Simpson.’

Kris has always admitted that she feels guilty about the death of her close friend back in 1994 but no details of why have ever been made public before. When quizzed about the OJ case on the show, Caitlyn was shockingly frank when asked by a member of the studio audience about the case. She said ‘Actually we pretty much knew he was guilty, right from the beginning, but the whole thing was: “Is he going to get away with it?”‘

She also spoke about how they felt when he was cleared of the murder of his wife. She said they were watching the proceedings from Marcia Clarke’s office. Adding ‘Kris turned around and looked at me and says: “You know, we should have listened to Nicole, she was right from the beginning.’ Caitlyn concluded that she finds the whole situation ‘so sad.’


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