Why is Kpop so popular – the complete Guide to Kpop

BTS, TWICE, Blackpink, GOT7, Red velvet.. just name it, Kpop is everywhere. According to subreddit rankings Kpop already is the second most followed and taked about music genre (after metal). This is especially crazy because Kpop is one of the genres which were hardly known only a few years back. So what’s the point? Why is Kpop so super popular? We answer that question in our compete guide to Kpop.

Kpop is the rising star right now

If you are insider enough to know the band Big Bang you are already a veteran of Kpop. Groups switching fast. Members drop out, some members format new groups (like SuperM) and every year there are more and more new groups pushing into the market. But what’s the deal with it? Why does everyone like Kpop so much? Well that’s now an easy yes no question but rather a complex logic behind the scenes. Let’s break it down into a few sections you just need to get familiar with.

Kpop is bubbly – Kpop looks amazing

One thing that really makes Kpop stick out is the look. And with looks we mean EVERYTHING. not only the music videos look amazing and really high quality.. also the group members do. Ever member has a specific role, for example one could be there for rap, others for lead singing and so on but they all do have one thing in common: they are freaking beautiful. And with beautiful we men beautiful. It doesn’t really matter if we talk about boys or girls. All of them are incredibly hot. They care a lot about their physique and outward appearance, do sports and know how to use makeup. Yes the boys do too. Lipstick for boys is nothing weird anymore. Actually using lipstick and makeup is pretty common amongst both boys and girls.

Another big thing is plastic surgery: a whopping 90% of all Kpop group members have had some kind of plastic surgery. Eventhough this might sound a little odd we have to admit that the final results simply look stunning. Good luck finding a Kpop group member of any group which does not look like a super model. They all do.

Kpop groups care about their fans

There is no doubt that Kpop groups know where the hype comes from: their fans. And they appreciate that a lot. Honestly speaking most of not all Kpop groups do care about their fandoms a lot. Almost every interview, tweet, video or even photo tell the story. Fans are loved and they know it. A very good example is BTS: the boy group is worldwide the most famous one and the hype is real. They call their Fans ARMY and they have good explanation for that: formerly known as “bulletproof” the boys call their fans their Army because just like a armor they say they feel protected by their fans. If their fans aren’t with them, they are vulnerable and alone.. not bulletproof anymore. That in a way makes sense since the overall hype around BTS wouldn’t even exist without their loyal fans around the globe.

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