lil_stace TikTok full guide: dad, mouse, Instagram, age, height

So if you ever came across those very cute dad videos then you probably know lil_stace and her dad. Her dad is so adorable and her videos are so cute that when you once turned on your mobile device and found some of her videos on your for you page then you will never ever turn it off again. If you are interested in facts about lil_stace than you are at the right place right now. We did the due diligence for you and we dig it out all the information that is available on internet about hlil_stace. Stay tuned for this full guide.

lil_stace dad

lil_stace really got famous once she posted her first video about her dad. When the world had a chance to look at her video about her dad catching a mouse and then finally revealing that in his hand is a computer mouse the world fell in love with lil_staces Tiktok channel and her videos. The very cute thing about her dad is that he is formulating so many cute phrases. He shows exactly what every day situations can look like between a father and a daughter. The relationship the two of them ass is so cute that her videos are actually very addictive. In one video he is doing his joke with the computer mouse and in the next video he has a voice like Harry styles. Her dad always wears a hat which makes lil_staces videos easily recognizeable even if you didn’t come across one so far. The very first video in which her dad really got famous in the first place was the one where he could not figure out how to open his new work laptop. The video is so funny that the whole Internet instantly fell in love with her dad. After that the two of them started to spend even more time together. Because of the crisis everyone is in lockdown and sticks together. This made them realize that spending more time together is actually a gift and publishing some videos about it is a very good idea. If you have never seen a video of lil_stace and her dad before you need to check out her Tiktok channel right now.

lil_stace mouse video

So what is the deal with lil_staces famous mouse video? In this video she actually is lying on her bed and then all of a sudden her dad comes in her room. He keeps his hands in front of his body and tells her that he caught a mouse. She freaks out and tells him not to open the hands but of course he starts to open the hands real slow. And after a few seconds you are able to see that he actually caught a computer mouse in his hands. This is One example for super funny videos that she is publishing every day. And the very nice thing about her videos is that they are not staged. Her dad is very clever as an engineer and also very smart and quick when it comes to a sense of humor. This is why all the videos are very naturally and she thinks that’s actually the most refreshing thing about her videos. So if you did not see that I caught a mouse video then you should definitely check out her Tiktok channel now.

lil_stace age – what’s lil_stace real age?

The age of her is actually one real good protected information. And if you search across the web and take your time to take out that info that can actually take a lot of time. But no worries we did it for you. As in university student she could actually be anything from 18 to 30 maybe but her real age is 22. She was born in 1998 which makes her 22 years by now. So if you ever have been wondering how old she really is this is the real and you don’t need to worry about another Info flying around.

lil_stace height – how tall is lil_stace

To be honest it is not easy to find out how tall she really is or if she is very small but we did some deep digging for you. After watching some videos and also knowing how tall and big other people are which stand next to her on videos or on photos we are very confident to say that she’s actually not that tall. She is one of those girls who is small but has a lot of energy which she puts on her videos. So if you did not check out her channel so far you definitely need to do it now because her videos are getting famous as we speak. But you are here at the end of this full guide about her because you need the information about how tall she really is. We found out that her real height is 5 feet and 5 inches. This makes her one of the smaller but what else to eat also one of the older Tiktok stars. Make sure to check out her videos because she is going to be a really big in the future and her content is super entertaining. Stay tuned for future updates.

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