Meilani Kalei full bio: Tiktok Instagram, UC Berkeley, parents, age, height

Meilani Kalei is really blasting her channel right now on Tiktok. But also her stunning Instagram photos are worth a look. we have had a closer look at her and all the content that she’s posting in social media. It is also interesting to know that she has a YouTube channel as well and a Twitter channel but so far Meilani Kalei did not post anything on these channels yet. But we will stay tune for future updates. If you feel like you would need a full guide of her and stay tuned we have all the information ready that you need right now.

Meilani Kalei Tiktok and Instagram content

She has lots of different talents which makes her the perfect rising star for Tiktok and for Instagram. But what we would like to focus on the most is the differences in her content that she posts on Tiktok (@MeilaniKalei) compared to what she is posting on Instagram ( also @MeilaniKalei)While on Tiktok Meilani Kalei is very well known for a brilliant lip-synchronized sounds and lip syncing videos and also her challenge videos as well as her very funny content together with her family. In contrast to that her Instagram account is more about very stunning photos. Meilani Kalei is posting some hot bikini photos and also a lot of travel content. Her travel and vacation content is very nice and we really recommend you to have a look at her Instagram channel if you would like to see some hot photos. Also her fashion style is very interesting. As she’s living in California and also has a good sense of the latest trends it is definitely a recommend to check out Meilani Kaleis Tiktok channel and her Instagram chat up. With hitting 400k followers on Tiktok and almost as many on Instagram her channel is a must know.

Meilani Kalei UC Berkeley

One of the most interesting facts about her is that she is actually a very smart girl. She is going to UC Berkeley in California and if you don’t know that university here are some facts about it for you. UC Berkeley in California is one of the most expensive schools that you can go to except for the IV universities. Also it is very interesting that people that go there are very smart in science. So if you thought that she is only a puppet which doesn’t know what she’s doing, you are wrong: Meilani Kalei actually knows her stuff and is a very intelligent woman.

Meilani Kalei parents – mum and dad

One of Meilani Kaleis big secrets is that she has a very sweet family. This fact is something that she really likes to point out a lot. She also sometimes shows Meilani Kaleis mom and her dad in her videos or photos. People are wondering what the age of Meilani Kaleis mom really is. So far there’s no information about the age of Meilani Kaleis mom but as soon as we find out we will definitely update this guide. So as usual stay tuned for future updates on this for the guide about Meilani Kalei.

Meilani Kalei age, birthday and height

So the last piece that is actually missing in our guide about Meilani Kalei is her age her birthday and her height. So if you ever have been wondering what the real age of her actually is when you are at the right place because we have the information right here. She is right now 20 years old because she is born on March 17 in the year 2000. Meilani Kalei lived in California all her life which is why she is so creative and really carries out that California lifestyle. Her life as a social media star is only just begun and her channels on Tiktok and on Instagram are growing fast. If you have been wondering how tall she really is then we can give you this information right away: Meilani Kaleis height is 5 feet and 7 inches. This makes her a pretty average sized girl and that is also what we like about her. She is really that girl from the neighborhood everyone loves.

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