trekkiethegreat – what’s the hype behind the Tiktok cat Trekkie the Great?

Trekkie the great is taking TikTok by storm. There are actually a lot of cats on Tiktok and Instagram but why is Trekkie the great to incredibly famous? And how can a cat actively promote Tiktok Merch on Amazon ? We threw together this quick guide about the social cat star.

Why is Trekkie the great so successful on Tiktok?

Well this question is not easy to ask. Maybe it’s the light and super fluffy furr. Or maybe it’s the super cute videos that trekkiethegreat owner is publishing. We don’t really know but we have a very good guess: the owner of trekkies tiktok channel is having a very good hand when it comes to picking trending music. The most famous tiktok video of Trekkie the cat for example is a famous meme with the popular YouTube song that goes “there goes the crack hat that I see each morning”. A very well known video and music which has been around quiet some time. Trekkie the cats videos know about this popularity and uses it wisely in their videos. That might be the biggest difference: the viralness of trekkies videos is way higher than you average animal video.

How old is trekkiethegreat? And what’s the weight of Trekkie?

That’s a question the channel owner gets a lot. We did the due diligence I for you and found out a few things about the age and weight of trekkiethegreat : the cat is apparently 5 years old which is a decent but still average age for a cat of that size. Since Trekkie is build pretty lean you might already guess that it is weight is quiet low. She only weights about 4 pounds which is quite sportive. Make sure to check back from time to time for future updates about trekkiethegreat on Tiktok.

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