Yodelinghaley – what is the tiktok stars age, height and net worth?

Yodelinghaley is really a outstanding talent. We did the deep digging for you and found out a lot of interesting information about her. We know and tell you how old she is how tall she is and what she is actually earning from her fame. So if you’re interested in this kind of information read on in our guide about Yodelinghaley.

Yodelinghaley dancing skills are the best part of her channel. We have analyzed her performances and we found out that she actually won some competitions. For example the nouveau dance competition. She wanted as the best dancer who actually participated. If you ever had a look at her Tiktok channel then you will know that she is incredibly talented which is why we support her a lot.

How old is Yodelinghaley?

Yodelinghaley is not only known for her amazing dance videos and for her outstanding lip-synching videos but also for being one of the youngest Tiktok stars which is shooting through the roof right now. If we say young then we mean that she’s actually among the youngest ones with a lot of followers right now. She is just sweet 17 years old. She was born in October 22 in 2002 which means she just had her birthday and we wish her all the best. When she will turn 18 it’s going to be interesting for her as well and we will definitely update this thread for you guys.

How small is Yodelinghaley?

For the ones of you who have been wondering how tall Yodelinghaley is we have to answer of course for you as well. She is not only very young but also very small. We found out that she is only 5 foot and 3 inches which means she might be the smallest TikTok star that we have been featuring so far on this serious. Her height doesn’t mean that she is not interesting the complete opposite actually is the case. We think that she is very powerful and her moves look even better because she might be a little smaller than someone else.

How much does Yodelinghaley earn and what is her net worth?

No we come to the interesting part. A lot of you have been wondering how much Yodelinghaley is really earning and what her actual net worth is. We have had a look at our followers and the extra reach that she has when she is publishing something. If you combined this with the average wage that you get when you have a marketing partner on your site we found out the following. Her net worth might be between 100,000 and US$300,000. Yodelinghaleys annual earnings are a little bit around 100.000 as well.

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