ChantyB aka Tiktok Star: @chantyb97 meet the social media newcomer and her bird

ChantyB also known as chantyb97 is the Animal and pet tiktok newcomer right now. If you like any more videos and you want to check out a very cool channel you definitely need to have a look at her Tiktok. ChantyB has almost 1,000,000 followers and her follow up base is growing very very rapidly. So if you have been looking for some information like how old she is what the extrovert type is that she has or how she was able to grow her followers so fast, then you definitely would need to stay here because we have the information for you.

ChantyB age and content – why is she so famous on Tiktok?

The reason you are reading this article and the reason we wrote the article is the same. She is super famous right now and her follow up basis growing stronger than ever. But why is she so super popular right now? The reason for that is that her videos are really hilarious but it’s even more important that she has a special guest in all of her videos. She’s bringing her birth and all the videos and the bird is super smart. If you did not come across one of her kids videos where she actually is recording bird kisses and then you really need to check them out. ChantyB is by the way the inventor of the famous hashtag #birdsoftiktok. She is only 23 years old by now but she knows the social media game really good. She might be the most successful Australian Tiktok star in the USA.

Birds kisses video with over 25M views is boosting the account of ChantyB.

So how did she grow her channel so fast? We found out that in September she had a significant increase of followers on her channel. But how did she do that. She published her most successful video so far. It is the video with the birds kisses. We found out that the video became super viral and came up to about 20 million views in just a few days. And it ranges around 25 million views at the moment. She knows how to publish Mira content and this is why her next videos are always almost as famous. That’s why we expect her Tiktok channel to grow rapidly in the next time as well so stay tuned for future updates about ChantyB aka ChantyB97.

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