Melissa Damilia – age, parents, special tattoo and boyfriend

Melissa is really one of those hot Instagram models that you definitely want to have a closer look at. Melissa Damilia. is very beautiful as a stunning smile and a lot of follow us on Instagram. So if you have been interested in some deeper information about her than you are at the right spot here. We know exactly how old she is what special tattoos she is having and also about her boyfriend. Additionally we have some spicy information about her parents because it’s not that easy. Stay tune for a very nice in-depth guide about Melissa Damilia.

How old is Melissa Damilia and what is her profession?

Even though Melissa is looking very young she is not the youngest TickTock and Instagram model that you might came across. She is known as a Instagram model for quite a while now and her exact age is 25 years. The birthday that we found out is October 7 in 1995 which means that she just turned 25. The profession of being Instagram model and being a model in general is something that she always wanted to pursue. Her good looks and her amazing smile helped her with that goal very good. She also appeared in some German TV shows especially at the channel RTL. The most famous show that she appeared in was the bachelorette. Although Melissa Damilia didn’t always manage to make a good impression in the RTL Show, she somehow managed to win the TV show. it gave her a very nice boost of her social media channels. She has no ranging across the most famous female Instagram stars in Germany. She has about half 1 million followers and her followers are constantly growing on a steady level.

How tall is Melissa Damilia?

That’s always the most important question. In social media you can never trust what you can see. She looks pretty tall with her long legs in all the pictures. But the truth is that she is quite small. She’s actually so small that she ranges from across the smallest Instagram influencers in all over Europe. She’s only 1 m and 56 cm small. maybe that is her secret to look even more sexy.

Melissa Damilias parents.

The reason everyone is asking for her parents it’s quite simple. She did not have a easy childhood. She gew up in Stuttgart. Her father and mother are both immigrants and they are very strict. Melissa often states that her childhood was close to a nightmare because especially our father prohibited almost everything. She was not allowed to have a boyfriend. She was not allowed to appear on TV. She was not allowed to wear short skirts. And she was also not allowed to even talk about her parents in public. that is also the reason the parents of her explicitly for a bit to take part in the TV show bachelorette. The TV show bachelorette of RTL is about finding a man and that is something that is not tolerated in her parents house. That is why the whole show was a real tough one for Melissa. But she managed to go through it and actually stayed pretty decent through the show. Her parents still are against the bachelorette and against her being so public. SMelissa Damilia still says that her parents refuse to appear on TV and that they still do not appreciate her public lifestyle.

What are Melissa Damilias tattoos?

A lot of fans of Melissa keep asking for her tattoo. In fact she’s not only having one tattoo but she’s having several ones. That is the reason we do not want to focus on one specific one but we want to focus on the history behind them. Because Melissa had such a difficult childhood all she is doing is she kept just the good memories that she’s having in her tattoos. That is why a lot of tattoos actually reflect moments that she had with her grandma. Since her parents have been so super strict those are the only moments and situations that Melissa is remembering which have been good for her. That’s the reason why she has those tattoos all over her sweet body.

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