Julia Roberts says ‘being joyful’ is the key to staying young

Actress Julia Roberts has spoken about how she keeps looking young despite the fact that she is almost 50.

In a candid interview with In Style magazine, Roberts claimed that the key to fighting back the years is ‘eating right’ and ‘being joyful’. The star, who if famed for her rôle in Pretty Woman, said she doesn’t worry too much about exercising and people obsess too much over it. She also claimed that she avoid social media as she believes that it consumes too much of people’s time and that it’s very important to spend time with your family and friends. ‘It’s about allowing time to just exist,’ the Eat Pray Love star said.

Roberts has a new film titled ‘Mother’s Day’ which also stars Jenifer Aniston. She is also to be seen acting alongside Goerge Clooney in their upcoming film Money Monster which is released next week. Speaking of the director of Money Monster Jodie Foster, Roberts said ‘She’s so talented, notoriously brilliant’.

Robers and her co-star George Clooney are set to star in car-pool karaoke alongside Gwen Stefani. The skit is a popular item on James Corden’s chat show and has previous features celebrities such as Adele and Elton John.

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