Kpop Merch – best Kpop merch shops when you are NOT living in Asia

With kpop on the rise we do get this question a lot actually. It doesnt matter if its BTS, Twice, Blackpink, Exo, MonsterX, TxT and so on.. one thing is for sure: Fans need Merch, period! But where do we get it? If you are living in Asia, especially Korea there is no doubt you will find some amazing store right outside your frontdoor, but what do you actually do if you are living in the States or in Europe? Its not easy to get you hands on really good kpop merch, so what are the alternatives? Celebninja did the footwork for you and we had a look at the best Kpop Stores out there. Enjoy our latest ranking of the best kpop stores you can find.

where to buy kpop merch best kpop online shops
where to buy kpop merch best kpop online shops


The first one and our number one pick must be The German based shop operates since 2016 and is the best source if you are looking for kpop merch and you are currently living in europe. The shop has an amazing collection, additional information and quiet frequently some secret raffles which makes it hands down the best pick to get kpop merch. The shop started small: selling only korean socks in its early days. Jolybee quickly evolved and noticed lots of fans actually prefer to buy merch of kpop groups which is why they soon added k-bags, kpop-merch and k-specials to their collection. And they didnt only specialize on kpop…they also have a quiet decent portfolio when it comes to kdrama merch as well. The fans love jolybee and they also take into account that shipping takes a bit longer because jolybee has a simple philosophy: no storage and no rents in europe: that way they can make sure to keep their prices as low as they are. So in a nutshell: is the best kpop source you can find especially when you are living in europe.

#2 Amazon

Second place is Amazon. With its decend portfolio and fast shipping times it defenitely ranges in the top 3. Although the portfolio of Amazon sellers is not as dedicaded to insider kpop merch as it is for Jolybee you can find some good snatches here as well. pricewise Amazon is okay. Nothing better then that. Prices are pretty high compared to the other shops we tested and sometimes products are offered multiple times which makes it a little confusing. On the flipside pretty much everyone has an Amazon account (or even Amazon Prime Account) already which makes shopping pretty convenient. So if you are looking for a quick impulsive buying decision Amazon is your call for kpop merch.

#3 Wish

If you dont know whish then you maybe dont look at advertisment that much. Whish is a big platform which ships all kindsd of stuff. Sometimes they also have quiet some good kpop deals as well. But be warned: what you order from whish is not always what you are getting. Compared to Amazon they really have good prices but better do your due diligence before you order some kpop merch from which. It could be fake or at least be looking a little different from what you are expecting.

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